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Terms & Conditions

Please note the following terms and conditions regarding both the use of this website as well as placing your order with us.

Our Jewelry:

Please wear and store your jewelry with care. Each piece was especially hand crafted for you and we ask that you respect and honor not only the artisan,, but the connection we hope you forge with your new piece of jewelry as well.

Sterling Silver should be cleaned and polished regularly with a soft silver cleaning cloth. If the piece has been oxidized (blacked) please note that it is completely natural and to be expected to eventually wear to its true silver nature after six months to a year. This process can be slowed by not wearing the piece in the heat (sweat can often speed this process) or when showering or bathing. If you would like to maintain the oxidized finish, we are happy to re-oxidize your silver for a minimal cost.

Brass should be polished with a liquid brass cleaner, then rinsed with cool water to maintain its appearance. Dependent on your body’s chemistry, brass can often turn skin green – again, this is often triggered by sweating. A quick fix for this is to paint the inside of your brass ring or bracelet with clear nail polish thus creating a barrier between the brass and your skin. Reapply this coat every time you polish your jewelry.

Gold should be cleaned regularly with cleanser meant specially for this gentle metal. refrain from exposing gold to harsh chemicals and chlorine pools.

Natural stones and minerals should be handled with care and not come into contact with any cleaning chemicals. To cleanse your mineral, simply use fresh, cool water and dry completely. All stones should be cleansed by their new owner by rinsing them under cool water to remove any energies from others who have handled it before you.


Privacy Policy

Please note that we honor our customer’s privacy and will never sell or distribute in any way, any of your personal information or email address.